My Obsession with Buttons


I must confess that I am obsessed with buttons. It started about two years ago when I started crafting my wedding. I knew I had to stay within a budget and wanted to make my wedding unique. I searched (before pinterest days) on Etsy high and low of what I could do. One day, I found button flowers and bouquets… something clicked and thus started my obsession with buttons. It wasn’t a perfect relationship, I tried several different prototypes of bouquets before I found the perfect vision, good thing I had some time!


But I wasn’t finished with just the bouquets. We needed boutineers, head bands, place cards and more. Good thing I have some amazing family who not only helped me find the perfect buttons but spent a lot of time creating with me.


Now that I am happily a newlywed, I am still obsessed with buttons. I have to admit I have a lot left over from the wedding, which makes it easy to use buttons in many of my projects.

Flower Canvas Letter Canvas

Here are a few samples of some button art I have created with my left over buttons. I was told when I was making the letter art for a Christmas present “Oh not those darn buttons again!” I think that is what inspired me to write this post.  Amy Loves Buttons!


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