Christmas Wreath Project

I know that it is January and I am writing about a Christmas wreath. I have been waiting to do this project until after Christmas because the boxes of ornaments were more than I wanted to pay. Recently, at the grocery store I acquired two boxes of ornaments for $0.84 each (regular $9). What a score! I already had picked up the wreath at Michaels ages ago for under $5.

In total this project cost me under $10 and I still have ornaments left over to make gifts with or a coat hanger wreath (another project)!

Wreath Project

Christmas Wreath Instructions


1. Ornaments of your choice and colour

2. Wreath Base

3. Glue Gun

4. Ribbon

Start with the big ornaments and play around with placement. With the stick wreath I found it difficult to glue to ornaments to the wreath itself, so attach a big one securely in a spot you know will hold and then attach the other ornaments on each other. For the last ornaments, glue the bottom to the wreath as well to ensure everything is fastened well. Then attach the ribbon, you can glue to directly to the wreath or do what I did and just attach it in a loop to itself.

After making the wreath, I wasn’t quite happy with it. With my handy Cricut cutter, I cut out the word “Joy” and laminated it for longevity. I hole punched the tops of the letters and attached it via string. Amy Loves Wreaths!


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