Recycling Old Frames

For our wedding, we recycled a lot of old mismatched items; chairs, tea pots, tea cups and old empty frames.

Here are a few examples of what I have done with frames since the wedding.

Hair Frame

The frame pictured above, I created with ribbon and my handy glue gun. I use this frame for hair accessories. I think that I will put a few hooks on the bottom of the frame to hold my wrap around head bands to fully complete this project.

Photo and Medal Frames

The purple frame above, I created again with ribbon and attached pictures with clothes pins that I mod-podged scrapbook paper to. I took some of our wedding photo’s and displayed them within the frame.

The blue frame I recently started by attaching dollar store hooks to the bottom to hold my running medals. They have been hanging on a door handle for a long time collecting dust. With the recent holidays, I wanted to showcase them in hopes that they might inspire me to get out and run. This frame sits nicely in the middle of our living room pressuring me to sign up for a race to add more medals to it. I am not done with this frame, I plan to find my race bib’s and make them into a collage to fill the frame itself.

I am quickly running out of wall space! Guess some of my projects will be have to be given to family and friends!

Amy Loves Recycling Old Frames!


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