Paper Heart Garland

After a day of painting at my parents this weekend, I opted for a craft I could complete with my mom’s materials.

I found: A deck of cards, red paper, paper cutter and a stapler.

Perfect, a paper heart garland seemed simple and fun especially with Valentines day on it’s way!

Paper Garland Materials

Paper Heart Garland

Staple Heart Garland

Putting it together

Paper Heart Garland



The main trick is that you staple the two hearts together, the bottom and top of the next heart at the same time.Once stapled, guide the top part into a heart and hold it for the next heart to be stapled to it. Easy!

Adding the playing cards adds an extra element of fun and helps create depth with the smaller and bigger hearts!

Amy Loves Paper Heart Garlands!


Amy Loves Craftinization

Craft Organization


Happy middle week!

As I contemplate my weekend crafting project, I thought I would share one of my crafting organization tricks.

When you are a crafter you have a lot of small items that you need to complete many of your projects. The big question is where do you put those items so you can access them and they aren’t taking up space?

I found a jewelry organizer hanger at home sense (one of my favourite stores) with pockets on both sides! For $15 dollars I have my small stuff organized. It’s a great crafting solution and hides behind the door!

Shutter Project

After two weeks, the shutter project is finally complete! And I must say Amy loves her shutter project!

Shutter Sanding Shutter

The shutter was pretty rough and needed a good sand down/cleaning.

First Coat Primer Shutter

After sanding, I primed the shutter with spray paint primer.

Blue On Shutter First Blue on

First layer of spray paint colour makes it start to look like something!

I had to move the shutter indoors as the temperature from last weekend had dropped and I didn’t want the spray paint to bubble.

Chalk Outline Sharpie Paint


I wanted to break up the shutter by adding some words. First I used a chalk pencil and ruler to map out the words I practiced the night before. Then I used a sharpie paint marker to finish off the shutter. Also, I added one of my favourite buttons to a previous hole.

Finished Shutter

Side Shutter


To finish the project off I added pictures and magazines to the shutter! If you wanted to make this project you could also use it to hold cards over the year.

Shutter in its spot


For $15 dollars in spray paint, I am in love with this project that now sits in my bedroom. I can grab magazines and look at some pictures from our engagement session everyday!

Amy loves shutter projects!



Amy’s Crafting Mess

This middle of the week posts is about one of my messes.

I wanted to take the dollar store cat and dog mugs and create a pencil/ paper clip holder for work with some spray paint. Easy right? I had the paint from my shutter project to do this! I decided to try the primer spray paint to get rid of the cute animals, which turned out fine until I put the colour over top of it… which resulted some sort of science experiment… craters all over the mugs.

This was definitely a crafting mess. Learned my lesson.



Tea Cup Pincushion

I am currently still working on my shutter project and have officially run out of paint until tomorrow. I thought I would share a five minute project I just completed. My inspiration comes from Pinterest of course. The Spotted Fox gives a great tutorial on how to complete this project with no sewing, in five minutes!

You may or may not know I love tea cups and happen to have quite a few left over from the wedding, so this project was right up my alley!


The final product looks like this:


Amy Loves Tea Cup Pincushions!

Recycling Old Frames

For our wedding, we recycled a lot of old mismatched items; chairs, tea pots, tea cups and old empty frames.

Here are a few examples of what I have done with frames since the wedding.

Hair Frame

The frame pictured above, I created with ribbon and my handy glue gun. I use this frame for hair accessories. I think that I will put a few hooks on the bottom of the frame to hold my wrap around head bands to fully complete this project.

Photo and Medal Frames

The purple frame above, I created again with ribbon and attached pictures with clothes pins that I mod-podged scrapbook paper to. I took some of our wedding photo’s and displayed them within the frame.

The blue frame I recently started by attaching dollar store hooks to the bottom to hold my running medals. They have been hanging on a door handle for a long time collecting dust. With the recent holidays, I wanted to showcase them in hopes that they might inspire me to get out and run. This frame sits nicely in the middle of our living room pressuring me to sign up for a race to add more medals to it. I am not done with this frame, I plan to find my race bib’s and make them into a collage to fill the frame itself.

I am quickly running out of wall space! Guess some of my projects will be have to be given to family and friends!

Amy Loves Recycling Old Frames!

Christmas Wreath Project

I know that it is January and I am writing about a Christmas wreath. I have been waiting to do this project until after Christmas because the boxes of ornaments were more than I wanted to pay. Recently, at the grocery store I acquired two boxes of ornaments for $0.84 each (regular $9). What a score! I already had picked up the wreath at Michaels ages ago for under $5.

In total this project cost me under $10 and I still have ornaments left over to make gifts with or a coat hanger wreath (another project)!

Wreath Project

Christmas Wreath Instructions


1. Ornaments of your choice and colour

2. Wreath Base

3. Glue Gun

4. Ribbon

Start with the big ornaments and play around with placement. With the stick wreath I found it difficult to glue to ornaments to the wreath itself, so attach a big one securely in a spot you know will hold and then attach the other ornaments on each other. For the last ornaments, glue the bottom to the wreath as well to ensure everything is fastened well. Then attach the ribbon, you can glue to directly to the wreath or do what I did and just attach it in a loop to itself.

After making the wreath, I wasn’t quite happy with it. With my handy Cricut cutter, I cut out the word “Joy” and laminated it for longevity. I hole punched the tops of the letters and attached it via string. Amy Loves Wreaths!

My Obsession with Buttons


I must confess that I am obsessed with buttons. It started about two years ago when I started crafting my wedding. I knew I had to stay within a budget and wanted to make my wedding unique. I searched (before pinterest days) on Etsy high and low of what I could do. One day, I found button flowers and bouquets… something clicked and thus started my obsession with buttons. It wasn’t a perfect relationship, I tried several different prototypes of bouquets before I found the perfect vision, good thing I had some time!


But I wasn’t finished with just the bouquets. We needed boutineers, head bands, place cards and more. Good thing I have some amazing family who not only helped me find the perfect buttons but spent a lot of time creating with me.


Now that I am happily a newlywed, I am still obsessed with buttons. I have to admit I have a lot left over from the wedding, which makes it easy to use buttons in many of my projects.

Flower Canvas Letter Canvas

Here are a few samples of some button art I have created with my left over buttons. I was told when I was making the letter art for a Christmas present “Oh not those darn buttons again!” I think that is what inspired me to write this post.  Amy Loves Buttons!

Happy New Year and Happy Blogging in 2013!

My first sewing project!

My first sewing project!

Happy 2013 to everyone! I got a head start on one of my many new years resolutions on December 31st and learned how to use the sewing machine. I bought the pattern and fabric the day before and was determined to finish it while at my parents and while my mom could teach me! With a new niece or nephew on the way and many crafting projects under my belt, I felt it was a good time to learn to sew! What do you think?

After talking to my BF Stace, she suggested I make a blog as she started a blog about being a mom with three kids 3 and under… crazy life with kids. Check it out! I had considered it in the past but again with the new years resolutions decided to put it into action! My sister Laura also has a blog called LoInTO, she is also a big source of inspiration and will likely sneak on to edit my spelling and grammar from time to time. Check it out!

So what can you expect from yet another crafting blog? I plan to have make something new and crafty weekly posting it to the blog. Pinterest is a big source of inspiration. Look out 2013, many crafting projects are coming your way!