Valentine’s Day Craft Sneak Peek

Valentines Day Sneak Peek


Threading a Sewing Machine

Since learning to use my Mom’s machine, my husband has been bugging me to use the machine he bought me years ago. He even suggested I post a tutorial on how to use it, which will help not only me remember how to do it but hopefully others!

I attempted to thread everything on my own but I needed to call in the big guns, my Mom! We had to video chat so that she could see what I was talking about rather than me describing “this thingy” or “the silver do-hicky.” It wasn’t perfect and I discovered that sometimes you need to put the machine together like a puzzle but we did it!

Threading the Sewing Machine

Not only did we thread the machine but I also made a mini Valentine Cat Toy!

First Project on New Sewing Machine

I think that Orange (my model for today) likes it!

Amy Loves Sewing Machines!

Paper Heart Garland

After a day of painting at my parents this weekend, I opted for a craft I could complete with my mom’s materials.

I found: A deck of cards, red paper, paper cutter and a stapler.

Perfect, a paper heart garland seemed simple and fun especially with Valentines day on it’s way!

Paper Garland Materials

Paper Heart Garland

Staple Heart Garland

Putting it together

Paper Heart Garland



The main trick is that you staple the two hearts together, the bottom and top of the next heart at the same time.Once stapled, guide the top part into a heart and hold it for the next heart to be stapled to it. Easy!

Adding the playing cards adds an extra element of fun and helps create depth with the smaller and bigger hearts!

Amy Loves Paper Heart Garlands!


Amy Loves Craftinization

Craft Organization


Happy middle week!

As I contemplate my weekend crafting project, I thought I would share one of my crafting organization tricks.

When you are a crafter you have a lot of small items that you need to complete many of your projects. The big question is where do you put those items so you can access them and they aren’t taking up space?

I found a jewelry organizer hanger at home sense (one of my favourite stores) with pockets on both sides! For $15 dollars I have my small stuff organized. It’s a great crafting solution and hides behind the door!

Shutter Project

After two weeks, the shutter project is finally complete! And I must say Amy loves her shutter project!

Shutter Sanding Shutter

The shutter was pretty rough and needed a good sand down/cleaning.

First Coat Primer Shutter

After sanding, I primed the shutter with spray paint primer.

Blue On Shutter First Blue on

First layer of spray paint colour makes it start to look like something!

I had to move the shutter indoors as the temperature from last weekend had dropped and I didn’t want the spray paint to bubble.

Chalk Outline Sharpie Paint


I wanted to break up the shutter by adding some words. First I used a chalk pencil and ruler to map out the words I practiced the night before. Then I used a sharpie paint marker to finish off the shutter. Also, I added one of my favourite buttons to a previous hole.

Finished Shutter

Side Shutter


To finish the project off I added pictures and magazines to the shutter! If you wanted to make this project you could also use it to hold cards over the year.

Shutter in its spot


For $15 dollars in spray paint, I am in love with this project that now sits in my bedroom. I can grab magazines and look at some pictures from our engagement session everyday!

Amy loves shutter projects!



Amy’s Crafting Mess

This middle of the week posts is about one of my messes.

I wanted to take the dollar store cat and dog mugs and create a pencil/ paper clip holder for work with some spray paint. Easy right? I had the paint from my shutter project to do this! I decided to try the primer spray paint to get rid of the cute animals, which turned out fine until I put the colour over top of it… which resulted some sort of science experiment… craters all over the mugs.

This was definitely a crafting mess. Learned my lesson.